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Psychic Medium Readings

Medium Readings Want to connect with a passed on loved one? Using a picture of your loved one I connect to them psychically. I use a process called direct channeling and automatic writing. With my eyes closed I psychically connect with your beloved with the assistance of the Angels. The Angels help me connect directly with your whoever you chose.. Do you wish you had a chance to get closure? I can give messages to your passed on loved one, bringing closure to both of you. Please send a portrait photo of your loved one, rather than a full body shot. I need to see their eyes as clearly as possible. Please send a photo closest to the time of their passing as well as a photo just of their face, so I can see their eyes well. If you are trying to connect with someone who passed on many decades ago and only have a blurry photo , I will do my best with what you have. In such cases an item they owned can assist me in connecting with them. The cost for this service is $300.

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